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Fiber Technician
San Jose, CA
100% Travel
Chandler, AZ

If technical difficulties are encountered while reviewing or applying for an IES Communications job, please contact IES at 515.999.5627 in addition to reviewing the attached FAQ Sheet.


Building a career based on the opportunity for development and growth while being challenged in making a difference for our customers and the communities we operate within is just one benefit of joining our team. As an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug-Free Workplace, IES Communications strives to create opportunities and value for all employees and IES shareholder confidence in the execution and completion of quality-oriented projects that range from the necessity to be innovative.  


Mariana Tejera, Regional Sales Director

I am proud to represent a company that takes care of their employees while delivering great service and quality to our customers.

MattBaca02 (1).jpg

Matt Baca, Quality Manager

You always hear the stories about the entry-level employee rising through the ranks and becoming a manager, director or executive level employee. IES is that company; they believe, invest and cultivate you into becoming a true professional within the industry.


            Mike Zaya,             Site Superintendent

In my 24 years with IES, I have traveled the country, met hundreds of wonderful people and built a career that provided a comfortable life for my family and myself.



U.S. Army PaYS Program