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Power over Ethernet (PoE) refers to the ability to use an Ethernet cable to power light fixtures (luminaires) and transmit data between the luminaire and the control software.


PoE Lighting is now an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this technology, LED lighting and sensors rely on a data network infrastructure. IES Communications can assist in the design and installation process to capture analytics, optimize space utilization, and control all aspects of an entire facility over a single networked system. This enables our customers to future-proof, and enhance their buildings while delivering cost savings and enhanced flexibility.


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PoE Lighting Jobs


Compared to main-wired systems, installation costs of PoE systems can be dramatically reduced, partly because of a reduction in the amount of expensive copper wiring required.

The ‘plug and play’ nature of data cabling requires minimal input from specialist electrical contractors, another area in which costs can be reduced.

PoE Lighting Jobs

Saves Space

PoE lighting does not require final circuit and associated containment. Traditional lighting demands large distribution boards within confined riser cupboards and more vertical infrastructure within the ceiling void. 

PoE Lighting Jobs

User Friendly

Most PoE systems can be operated, maintained, and managed by online software platforms, providing an easy-to-use wireless system management.

PoE Lighting Jobs

Energy Saving

Power is only applied to the cable once the device has confirmed its power requirements, which ensures the correct amount of power is supplied. This significantly reduces power loss in cables and heat gain in containment, requiring less cooling.


PoE Lighting

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