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PMO Jobs

A PMO job, standing for Project Management Office job, is a pivotal role within any organization that focuses on driving project success across the board. In this role, we're tasked with overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring they align with the company's strategic goals and objectives. Our responsibilities include setting project standards, ensuring project governance, managing resources, and facilitating communication among stakeholders. PMO jobs serve as a central hub for project documentation, guidance, and metrics, leading to improved efficiency and project outcomes. It's about steering the ship in the right direction, making sure every project not only reaches the finish line but does so effectively and efficiently.

Why choosing a PMO job is great.

A career in a Project Management Office (PMO) offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards, making it an excellent choice for those passionate about driving projects to success. Within this role, you're at the heart of project planning and execution, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently, timelines are met, and objectives are achieved. Whether you're a PMO Analyst, Coordinator, or Director, you'll play a crucial part in shaping the strategic direction and operational efficiency of projects. This diversity in job titles not only enriches your professional experience but also broadens your career opportunities in various industries. PMO jobs write this out in a way that highlights the importance of strategic oversight, stakeholder management, and the satisfaction of seeing complex projects through from inception to completion. At IES, we've seen firsthand how these roles foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, making a PMO position not just a job, but a career path that is both fulfilling and dynamic.

PMO Jobs at IES

At IES, our Project Management Office Program Manager plays a pivotal role in elevating project management practices by driving process enhancements, spearheading PM recruitment and training, overseeing project financials, ensuring compliance, crafting execution plans, managing diverse work scopes, and fostering strong customer relationships to achieve organizational objectives. Meanwhile, the Project Management Office Systems Lead serves as the cornerstone for the Service Now platform at IES, leading system administration, development, troubleshooting, rollouts, and training, while also evaluating processes, collaborating with internal and external partners, promoting automation, guiding projects, advising peers, and conducting user acceptance testing to guarantee project triumphs.

Related Job Descriptions

Project Management Office Program Manager

The Project Management Office Program Manager is responsible for enhancing project management operations through process improvements, participating in PM recruitment and training, monitoring project financials, ensuring compliance, developing execution plans, managing multiple scopes of work, and acting as a liaison with customers to meet Company goals.

Project Management Office Systems Lead

The Project Management Office Systems Lead acts as the IES point of contact for the Service Now platform, manages system administration, development, and troubleshooting, leads system rollouts and training, conducts process evaluations, works closely with internal clients and external vendors, drives automation opportunities, oversees projects, provides guidance to peers, and performs user acceptance testing to ensure project success.

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Why choose a career in PMO with IES Communications?

Choosing a career in Payroll with IES Communications means becoming part of a team that values not just the work we do but the people who do it. At IES, our employees are our greatest asset, and this belief is at the core of everything we stand for. We're committed to fostering an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged, making every day an opportunity to learn, contribute, and make a difference. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion enhances our company culture, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued. By joining us, you'll be stepping into a role that supports not only the operational excellence of a leading national electrical and communications service provider but also contributes to a vision that aims to lead the telecommunications industry into the future. With IES, you're not just choosing a job; you're building a career within a community that invests in its people, offering paths to development, growth, and success.

Company Benefits

Competitive Wages

401(k) Plan

Compensated Industry Certifications

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Company paid life insurnace

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

Short Term Disability

Optional long-term disability

Illness, accident, legal, pet coverage.

Paid training & defined career path


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What's a description of a PMO job?

A PMO, or Project Management Office job, involves coordinating and overseeing project execution within an organization. This role ensures projects align with company strategy, standards, and goals, often involving resource management, risk assessment, and implementing best practices for successful project delivery. It's a pivotal position for maintaining project consistency and efficiency across the board.

What is the average salary of a PMO job?

The average salary for a job in a PMO is approximately $78,000 per year.

How do I get a PMO job?

To land a PMO job, focus on gaining relevant project management experience and enhancing your skill set. Earn certifications like PMP or PRINCE2 to boost your qualifications. Tailor your resume to highlight your project management skills and achievements. Network with professionals in the field through LinkedIn and industry events. Lastly, prepare thoroughly for interviews by understanding the specific needs of the PMO role you're applying for.

What does someone with a PMO job do?

A PMO (Project Management Office) professional focuses on standardizing project-related governance processes and facilitating the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. Their primary responsibilities include planning, directing, and ensuring the successful management of projects within an organization, aligning project goals with the company's strategic objectives, and often overseeing the project management team.

How much do people with PMO jobs make?

People with PMO (Project Management Office) jobs typically earn between $35 to $75 per hour, translating to an annual salary range of $70,000 to $140,000, depending on experience, location, and the complexity of their responsibilities.

Is a PMO job fullfilling?

Absolutely, a career in PMO (Project Management Office) can be highly rewarding. It offers a unique opportunity to work on diverse projects, improve efficiency and productivity across organizations, and play a crucial role in achieving strategic goals. With the right skills and dedication, a career in PMO can lead to significant professional growth and satisfaction.

How long does it take to get a job in PMO?

The time it takes to secure a job in a Project Management Office (PMO) can vary widely, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months. This timeline is influenced by factors such as your experience, the industry demand, the strength of your network, and the specific requirements of the PMO roles you're applying for. To enhance your chances, focus on tailoring your resume to PMO roles, leveraging your professional network, and preparing thoroughly for interviews.

Is there a demand for PMO jobs?

Yes, there is a significant demand for PMO (Project Management Office) jobs. Organizations across various industries seek skilled professionals to ensure project delivery aligns with their strategic goals, making PMO roles crucial for successful project management and execution.

What are PMO career paths?

PMO career paths typically start with roles such as PMO Analyst or Coordinator, leading to PMO Manager or Director positions. With experience, individuals can progress to strategic roles like Head of PMO, focusing on governance and portfolio management, or transition into consultancy, advising organizations on PMO best practices. Advanced career opportunities include Chief Project Officer, overseeing an organization's project management strategy.

What are some PMO job duties?

PMO job duties typically include overseeing project management standards and processes, coordinating project timelines and resources, ensuring project alignment with organizational goals, monitoring project progress and performance, facilitating communication among project stakeholders, and providing project documentation and reporting.

What are the requirements to get a PMO job?

To secure a job in a Project Management Office (PMO), candidates typically need a blend of education, skills, and experience. A bachelor's degree in business, project management, or a related field is often required, though some roles may demand a master's degree. Key skills include strong organizational abilities, excellent communication, leadership qualities, and proficiency in project management software. Relevant certifications, such as PMP (Project Management Professional) or PRINCE2, significantly enhance a candidate's profile. Experience in project management or a related area is also crucial, demonstrating the ability to lead and deliver projects successfully.

Are there entry level PMO jobs?

Yes, there are entry-level PMO (Project Management Office) jobs available for those starting their career in project management. These positions typically require a bachelor's degree in business, management, or a related field. Key skills sought after include strong organizational abilities, effective communication, basic project management knowledge, proficiency in project management software, and an understanding of project management methodologies like Agile or Waterfall. Entry-level roles offer a great opportunity to gain experience in project coordination, resource allocation, and project reporting, laying a solid foundation for a career in project management.

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