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IT Technician Jobs

An IT Technician job is a crucial role within any organization that relies on computer systems and networks. These professionals are the backbone of ensuring that all technological equipment operates smoothly and efficiently. IT Technician Jobs involve a wide range of responsibilities, from installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults, to solving technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person. They play a pivotal role in the maintenance of an organization's IT infrastructure, ensuring that employees have the tools they need to work effectively and that the organization's data remains secure. With the ever-evolving nature of technology, IT Technicians also stay abreast of the latest developments to recommend upgrades and improvements. This role requires a unique blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication abilities, making IT Technician Jobs both challenging and rewarding.

Why a Job as an IT Technician is great.

Embarking on a career as an IT Technician offers a dynamic and fulfilling path, blending the thrill of problem-solving with the satisfaction of supporting others. In the realm of IT Technician Jobs, versatility is key; whether you're referred to as an IT Tech, Computer Support Specialist, or Network Technician, each day presents new challenges and learning opportunities. This role is not just about fixing computers or troubleshooting network issues; it's about being at the heart of technological innovation and playing a crucial role in ensuring businesses and organizations run smoothly. Our team members who have pursued this career path have found it to be incredibly rewarding, offering a unique blend of technical skill development, customer service satisfaction, and the chance to be part of an ever-evolving field that's critical in today's digital world.

IT Technician Jobs at IES

At IES, our IT Technician roles involve a dynamic range of tasks from setting up devices like desktops and laptops to maintaining the seamless performance of computer systems. They play a crucial role in providing both on-site and remote support, ensuring hardware functionality across brands like Dell and Cisco, and are expected to achieve A+ certification within six months, embodying the essential backbone of our tech infrastructure.

Related Job Descriptions

IT Technician

The IT Technician at IES sets up desktop and laptop computers, tablets for employees, provides first level telephone support, installs software and hardware, maintains computer systems performance, troubleshoots issues, assists in the onboarding of new employees, maintains asset records, offers remote IT support, supports various hardware including Dell and Cisco servers, and performs network troubleshooting, with an expectation to obtain A+ certification within 6 months among other duties.

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Why be an IT Technician with IES Communications?

Choosing a career in IT with IES Communications means stepping into a future where your growth and development are paramount. At our core, we're about bringing together top-tier talent to deliver unparalleled services in the telecommunications field, from innovative Data Center Design to comprehensive Network Solutions. Our commitment to excellence is matched by our dedication to our team's professional and personal growth. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment that encourages learning, collaboration, and a strong sense of community. By joining us, you're not just starting a job; you're embarking on a career path designed to help you build the life you want. With IES Communications, you become part of a visionary company committed to leading the industry into the future while ensuring every employee has the opportunity to make a significant impact. Here, your work doesn't just contribute to our success—it helps shape the future of telecommunications.

Company Benefits

Competitive Wages

401(k) Plan

Compensated Industry Certifications

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Company paid life insurnace

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

Short Term Disability

Optional long-term disability

Illness, accident, legal, pet coverage.

Paid training & defined career path


40 Years





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What's an IT Technician's job description?

An IT Technician's job involves installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer hardware, software, and networks to ensure optimal system performance and security. They provide technical support to users, manage system backups, and keep documentation of systems and configurations up to date. Their role is crucial in resolving technical issues quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

What is the average salary of an IT Technician?

The average salary of an IT Technician is approximately $53,000 per year.

How do I become an IT Technician?

To become an IT Technician, start by earning a high school diploma or equivalent. Next, consider pursuing relevant education, such as an associate's degree in IT or a related field. Gaining certifications, like CompTIA A+, can also be highly beneficial. Hands-on experience is crucial, so look for internships or entry-level positions in IT to build your skills. Continuously update your knowledge with the latest technologies and advancements in the field. Networking with professionals and joining IT-related forums or groups can also help in finding opportunities and advancing your career.

What does an IT Technician do?

An IT Technician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer hardware, software, networks, and peripherals, ensuring optimal performance and security for users within an organization. They provide technical support, resolve IT issues, and often assist in system updates and the implementation of new technologies.

How much does an IT Technician Make?

An IT Technician typically earns between $15 to $30 per hour, translating to an annual salary range of $35,000 to $60,000, depending on experience, location, and the specific employer.

Is an IT Technician a good job?

Absolutely, being an IT Technician is a great job. It offers a blend of constant learning, problem-solving, and the satisfaction of keeping technology systems running smoothly. With technology at the heart of modern businesses, IT Technicians are in high demand, ensuring job security. Plus, it opens doors to various career paths in the tech industry.

How long does it take to become an IT Technician?

Becoming an IT technician typically takes about 1-2 years, depending on the path you choose. This includes completing a relevant certification program or associate degree. Hands-on experience, which can be gained through internships or entry-level positions, is also crucial for skill development.

Is there a demand for an IT Technicians?

Yes, there is a significant demand for IT technicians. As technology continues to evolve and integrate into every aspect of daily life and business, the need for skilled professionals to maintain, troubleshoot, and improve IT systems is more critical than ever. This demand spans across various industries, making IT technician roles both versatile and essential.

What is the career path for an IT Technicians?

The career path for an IT Technician typically starts with entry-level positions such as Help Desk or Support Technician, where you'll gain foundational skills and experience. As you progress, you can move into specialized roles like Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, or IT Security Specialist. With further experience and certifications, advanced positions such as IT Manager or Chief Information Officer (CIO) become attainable. Continuous learning and adapting to new technologies are key to advancing in this dynamic field.

What are the job duties of an IT Technician?

An IT Technician's primary duties include installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults, and solving technical and applications problems, either over the phone or in person. They also perform system maintenance, provide support to users, ensure secure system operations, and manage backups and updates.

What are the job requirements to be an IT Technician?

To become an IT Technician, one typically needs:

1. Education: A minimum of an Associate's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field. Some positions may require a Bachelor's degree.
2. Certifications: Industry certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+, or Cisco's CCNA can be highly beneficial.
3. Technical Skills: Proficiency in computer systems, networks, and various operating systems. Familiarity with hardware installation and repair, as well as software troubleshooting, is essential.
4. Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues efficiently.
5. Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to assist non-technical users.
6. Experience: Hands-on experience through internships, training programs, or previous job roles is often required.

Are there entry level IT Technician jobs?

Yes, there are entry-level IT technician jobs available. Typically, these positions require a high school diploma or equivalent, though an associate degree or certifications in IT-related fields can enhance job prospects. Essential skills include basic knowledge of computer hardware and software, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills. Familiarity with operating systems, networking concepts, and customer service experience are also beneficial.

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