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Accounts Payable Jobs

Accounts Payable Jobs are crucial roles within any organization, tasked with managing the outflow of funds to suppliers and vendors. These positions involve processing invoices, verifying financial records, and ensuring timely payments to maintain healthy business relationships. In essence, Accounts Payable Jobs are the backbone of a company's financial operations, ensuring that all financial commitments are met efficiently and accurately. This role requires a keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills, and a solid understanding of accounting principles to manage the complexities of financial transactions and reporting.

Why choosing an Accounts Payable job is great.

Accounts Payable jobs, often referred to as AP positions, offer a unique blend of challenges and rewards, making them an excellent career choice for those who are detail-oriented and enjoy working with numbers. In these roles, you're at the heart of a company's financial operations, responsible for managing outgoing bills and invoices, which is crucial for maintaining healthy business relationships and ensuring financial stability. The satisfaction of keeping a company's finances in order, coupled with the opportunity to work across various industries, makes Accounts Payable jobs a great option. Moreover, these positions often serve as a stepping stone to higher financial roles within a company, offering a clear path for career advancement. At IES, we've seen firsthand how AP roles can not only provide a stable and fulfilling career but also how they can open doors to further opportunities in the finance sector.

Accounts Payable Jobs at IES

At IES, our Accounts Payable Manager plays a crucial role in overseeing and enhancing the department's processing functions, ensuring compliance with company policies, and serving as the go-to for AP and purchasing issues across local business units. Meanwhile, our Accounts Payable Specialist focuses on meticulous invoice management, from filing to payment authorization, alongside maintaining vendor relationships and supporting financial analyses, embodying the precision and dedication we value in our AP team.

Related Job Descriptions

Accounts Payable Manager Job Description

The Accounts Payable Manager oversees and improves the processing functions of the department, manages the accounts payable/purchasing staff in accordance with company policies, serves as the primary point of contact for A/P and purchasing issues within IES local business units, implements process improvements, troubleshoots invoice processing issues, ensures compliance with purchasing authorization procedures, and manages financial records accuracy.

Accounts Payable Specialist Job Description

The Accounts Payable Specialist is responsible for filing vendor invoices, ensuring proper documentation and approval before payment, addressing vendor inquiries, reconciling vendor statements, authorizing purchases per company guidelines, accurately coding and inputting invoices into the accounts payable system, managing weekly check runs, maintaining the vendor master file, assisting with month-end closings, and supporting management in financial analysis related to accounts payable.

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Why choose a career in Accounts Payable with IES Communications?

Choosing a career in Accounts Payable with IES Communications means stepping into a role that's at the heart of our mission to lead the telecommunications industry. At IES, we're not just about numbers; we're about building relationships and fostering growth—both for our clients and our team members. Our dedication to innovation, quality service, and cost-effective solutions sets us apart, offering you a unique opportunity to be part of an organization that values your development as much as its own progress. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive work environment where learning is encouraged, collaboration is key, and diversity is celebrated. By joining our Accounts Payable team, you'll play a crucial role in maintaining the financial health and integrity that enables us to deliver superior services across the nation. You'll have the chance to grow professionally, contribute to meaningful projects, and be part of our journey toward shaping the future of telecommunications. With IES Communications, you're not just choosing a job; you're choosing a career path that offers endless opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment.

Company Benefits

Competitive Wages

401(k) Plan

Compensated Industry Certifications

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Company paid life insurnace

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

Short Term Disability

Optional long-term disability

Illness, accident, legal, pet coverage.

Paid training & defined career path


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What's a description of an Accounts Payable job?

An Accounts Payable job involves managing outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of a company. This includes processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices, ensuring timely payments to suppliers and vendors, and maintaining accurate financial records and reports. The role requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in accounting software.

What is the average salary of an Accounts Payable job?

The average salary for an Accounts Payable job is $39,000 per year.

How do I get an Accounts Payable job?

To land an Accounts Payable job, focus on these key steps:

1. **Educational Background**: Ensure you have the necessary education, typically a high school diploma or an associate degree in accounting or a related field.
2. **Skill Development**: Gain proficiency in accounting software, data entry, and understand the basics of accounting principles. Strong organizational and communication skills are also essential.
3. **Relevant Experience**: Gain experience through internships or entry-level positions in accounting or finance departments. Even roles with administrative duties can be helpful if they involve invoicing or data management.
4. **Certifications**: Consider obtaining certifications like the Certified Accounts Payable Associate (CAPA) to enhance your qualifications.
5. **Networking**: Connect with professionals in the field through job fairs, professional associations, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.
6. **Apply Strategically**: Tailor your resume and cover letter for each application, highlighting relevant experience and skills. Use job boards, company websites, and staffing agencies to find openings.
7. **Prepare for Interviews**: Be ready to discuss your experience with accounts payable processes, software, and how you handle deadlines and discrepancies. Practice common interview questions and scenarios you might encounter in the role.

By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared to secure an Accounts Payable position.

What does someone with an Accounts Payable job do?

Someone with an Accounts Payable job is responsible for managing a company's outgoing bills and invoices. This includes verifying and recording invoices from suppliers, processing payments to vendors, and maintaining accurate financial records and reports. Their role ensures that all payments are made on time and helps manage the company's cash flow effectively.

How much do people with Accounts Payable jobs make?

People working in Accounts Payable positions typically earn between $16 to $25 per hour, which translates to an annual salary range of $36,000 to $55,000. This range can vary based on factors like experience, location, and the size of the company.

Is an Accounts Payable job fullfilling?

A career in Accounts Payable can be a solid choice for those who enjoy working with numbers, have strong organizational skills, and seek stability in their job. It offers a clear career path with opportunities for advancement into roles such as Accounts Payable Manager or Director of Finance. Additionally, the skills gained in this role are transferable to various industries, ensuring a broad range of employment opportunities.

How long does it take to get a job in Accounts Payable?

The time it takes to land a job in Accounts Payable can vary widely based on factors like your experience, the demand in your area, and how well you match the job requirements. On average, it might take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. To speed up the process, ensure your resume highlights relevant experience, consider temporary positions for quicker entry, and actively network in the field.

Is there a demand for Accounts Payable jobs?

Yes, there is a demand for Accounts Payable jobs. As businesses continue to operate and manage financial transactions, the need for skilled professionals to handle accounts payable functions remains crucial. This role is essential for maintaining financial accuracy and ensuring timely payments to vendors and suppliers, making it a consistently sought-after position in various industries.

What are Accounts Payable career paths?

Accounts payable career paths typically start with roles such as Accounts Payable Clerk or Specialist, where you'll gain foundational knowledge in managing invoices and payments. With experience, you can progress to positions like Accounts Payable Manager or Supervisor, overseeing teams and processes. Further advancement can lead to roles such as Director of Accounts Payable, focusing on strategic financial management and operations. Additionally, expertise in accounts payable can open opportunities in broader financial management and executive roles, such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), where you'll make key decisions impacting the financial health of an organization.

What are some Accounts Payable job duties?

Accounts Payable job duties typically include processing invoices, handling payments to suppliers, reconciling invoice discrepancies, maintaining accurate financial records, and managing vendor relationships to ensure timely and accurate payment transactions.

What are the requirements to get an Accounts Payable job?

To secure a job in Accounts Payable, you'll typically need:

1. Education: A high school diploma is essential, though an associate's or bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a related field is highly preferred.
2. Skills: Proficiency in accounting software, strong numerical abilities, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills are crucial.
3. Experience: Previous experience in accounting or bookkeeping can be beneficial. Entry-level positions may require less experience.
4. Certifications: While not always required, certifications like the Certified Accounts Payable Professional (CAPP) can enhance job prospects.

These requirements can vary by employer but generally set the foundation for a career in Accounts Payable.

Are there entry level Accounts Payable jobs?

Yes, there are entry-level Accounts Payable jobs available. These positions typically require a high school diploma or equivalent, basic understanding of accounting principles, proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel, and strong organizational skills. Some employers may also prefer candidates with an associate degree in accounting or related field, and experience with accounting software. Attention to detail, ability to multitask, and strong communication skills are crucial for success in these roles.

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