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#OneIES: Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Gilbert Romo

At IES we like to think of our employees as family, like one big team. And while there is no “I” in “team,” there certainly exists a great number of stories among the members of our team. You’re reading the first installment of our new blog series called #OneIES where we will examine those stories and learn more about the members of our team to find out what makes them— and IES— so special.

As the year 2018 came to a successful and satisfying close for IES, it is important to look forward to upcoming milestones. Our very own Gilbert Romo will be celebrating Ten years with IES in 2019. “I am the Vice President of Sales and Marketing,” Gilbert said. “That role gives me many opportunities to meet people and describe the amazing things we do at IES. My vision and goal for my role are to lead the teams that are the point of the spear for the company and provide an experience for the customers that we can all be proud of.” Gilbert comes from a manufacturing and distribution background at AT&T, having held roles from Engineer to Vice President. After spending so many years with IES, Gilbert has had plenty of time to consider why he loves being with the organization. “We strive to create a work environment where each person’s ideas and passions become the lifeblood of the organization,” Gilbert said. “Although we are a large, publicly-held company, we have the engaging and entrepreneurial culture that we care about and fight to protect.” Gilbert enjoys a healthy work-life balance. In his free time, he’s an avid biker. He has

participated in two Ride for Life events to raise money for HIV/AIDS support, research, and cure, and has raised more than $100,000.

While cycling is a pleasurable hobby, it also gives him time to clear his head for business. Another professional pillar that Gilbert also enjoys for fun is travel. “I travel for business and pleasure regularly. My two favorite places on earth are Hawaii and Italy. I try to get to both of these places each year,” Gilbert said. “Although I travel regularly for work, I make sure I get to spend time with my family, which includes four sons and three grandchildren, that make me smile till I cry when I’m near them.”

While his children and grandchildren move him to tears today, family has always been important to Gilbert. “My heroes are my parents. They have always lived a life that was transparent to me and allowed me to see their greatest accomplishments and witness their biggest disappointments. They instilled the ‘never give up on your dreams’ mantra that I hold dear,” Gilbert said. “I work hard to hopefully give that same feeling and leadership to my sons and grandsons.” Gilbert says he loves what he does so much that the distinction between “work” and “life” becomes hazy. His same effort to establish a strong family legacy extends to his family at IES as well.


“When I retire I hope that I am remembered for a culture of kindness and respectful success. Also, that anything is possible if we believe and work together.“



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