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#OneIES: Accounting Manager, Deanne Hoffman

Deanne Hoffman, Accounting Manager at IES Communications, has been in the accounting industry for more than 16 years. She’s now been with IES for more than 11 of those years.

Now the Manager of the General Ledger Group and Purchasing, Deanna spent five years in the manufacturing and banking industries before coming on board with IES.

“Working for IES gave me more experience in different programs,” Deanna said. “I was able to increase my knowledge and expertise more than I could have ever dreamed.”

To Deanne, working at IES is also very much about the sense of community.

“I really appreciate the people I work with,” Deanne said. “Getting the job done and being appreciated for a job well done makes me want to come to work day in and day out.”

Deanne looks up to her father, who is a Navy Veteran with a strong work ethic and a passion for getting the job done.

“He always worked hard for what he wanted out of life,” Deanne said. “He taught me that if I wanted anything, I needed to work hard to get it.”

Her father retired from Arizona Department of Unemployment Insurance Tax department, which inspired her to pursue a career as an accountant.

“I love being able to make others work easier,” Deanne said. “That’s why I love my job.”



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