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#OneIES: Director of National Accounts, Becky Fisher

Becky Fisher has worked for IES since 2001, she has used industry experience as both an estimator and a project manager to help her in using a multi-faceted approach in her current position of Director, National Accounts.

“My title says ‘Director, National Accounts’ but what I consider my job is twofold – ONE: to educate our potential clients on all that IES has to offer them and once they have made the educated decision to engage IES for their solutions TWO to make sure they get the best possible experience with IES by supporting them and our team however I can to ensure successful delivery of all we have promised,” Becky said. “Oh, and I’m also the person people invite to outing so I can pick up the check, yeah, that too.”

In her free time, you are likely to find Becky enjoying time with her family “Nothing is more enjoyable to me than time with my family – my husband, Scott, stepson Jamey, step-daughter, Kayla and daughter Samantha make doing anything fun!!” she said. Some of their favorite activities include enjoying all of the great outdoor opportunities that her home state of Minnesota affords “I love the outdoors, which is why I live in MN. Each season brings new opportunities to enjoy the beauty around us – hiking, boating, snowmobiling, walking my dog, or just floating on the lake soaking in the sun are my favorite ways to spend time off.”

While time with family is paramount to Becky, she also finds joy and satisfaction in her work at IES.

“The satisfaction of getting a job done right, working closely with our talented teams to solve our client’s issues and growing the business through trial and error, hard work and most importantly, teamwork.” is what Becky said makes her want to show up to work each day. “Also, because ‘going to work’ might just mean wandering downstairs in my sweats to sit on 25 conference calls…at least I’m comfy…”

From her support of nonprofits, ranging from the second harvest, which helps to combat local hunger, to the ASPCA. It’s obvious that Becky is both a charitable and open-minded lady. “who can watch those devastating commercials of suffering animals and big sad brown eyes without calling and pledging for the rest of your days?” said Becky.

Leading by example in supporting the organizations that promote her vision of a better world, shows just how passionate and engaged Becky is in making both IES and the world a little bit better every day.

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