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#OneIES: BIM Manager, Raymon Sherrell

Raymon Sherrell is a father of three who lives in Phoenix Arizona and works as a BIM manager for IES. In Ramon’s three years working for IES, he has learned to embrace the demands and rigors of the job “I love what I do. At times it is stressful, but that just makes me work even harder because I know there are folks counting on me to succeed.” Raymon said.

In his time away from work, Raymon enjoys reading, spending time with his family and traveling “I love to travel. Once I got my passport, it was like an addiction. I have been to China, Europe, Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica and all around the Continental United States. The next location I want to travel to is Egypt.” Said, Raymond.

Raymon also likes R&B, 90’s/ 2000’s hip-hop, serialized novels and game of thrones. He succinctly described what many people think of Game of Thrones “the suspense of it all makes me love this show. Oh, and the Dragons. Can’t forget the Dragons.” Raymon said, and honestly who can disagree with that?

When he isn’t busy at work or traveling abroad, Raymond and his wife like to lend their time to a number of charities “My wife and I are youth leaders in our church, and I also take part in community service projects such as ‘feed the homeless’ every month in Phoenix, NAACP Youth Council events as well as Big Brothers/Big Sisters events throughout the Valley.”

Currently, his wife is in nursing school, when she finishes, Raymon plans of continue working towards his degree in electrical engineering and apply it towards his work for IES “I think having the technical ‘know-how’ and ability to design as I currently am will only propel me further” he said.

Raymon keeps in mind the opportunity for growth afforded by the company and looks forward to contributing to the legacy of IES “I would love to expand my department with more people because IES as a whole is bringing in more projects that my team and I would love to tackle head on”



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