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#OneIES: Branch Manager, Chris Huffman

Chris Huffman, Oregon Branch Manager, has been with IES since 2002 as a technician and project manager. Six months ago, he was promoted to branch manager.

“The nature of our work is always changing and advancing as technology progresses,” Chris said. “I work with a great team. There’s always a problem to solve, always a challenge… that’s a good thing. It’s never boring.”

Outside of work, Chris enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

“Some of my favorite times are when we go to a family cabin in Idaho on Lake Pend,” Chris said. “The destination is full of adventure, from off-roading, hiking, fishing, and skiing, to boating and kayaking.”

Family is incredibly important to Chris, which is why he loves to travel.

“I think my favorite part of traveling is the comfort of having my whole family in the car, dogs and all, and knowing that they’re safe and we are on our way to spend time together,” Chris said. “Something about this makes me extremely happy.”

While at work, Chris makes sure to treat his team just like family.

“My team has been together for a long time and we strive to continue to build that team and find new individuals that we can teach or be taught by,” Chris said. “This is not a something that you can do on your own, it requires a team.”

“I enjoy a challenging day working with a team but being able to turn that off when I’m home every evening and spend time with my family, that is what it is all about.”



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