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Things to Keep in Mind While Disposing of IT Assets

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Are you scaling back your IT asset footprint in favor of the cloud? If so, good for you! IT assets can be hard to manage, especially when the hardware is nearing its end-of-life. When the time comes to decommission IT assets, from laptops to storage arrays, there are many important things to consider:

Data Security

Data safety is everyone's number one priority. If your organization manages a large amount IT equipment, you want to be certain that you are adhering to industry standards as you decommission your old hardware. For security reasons, it is critical to ensure that all data is being properly stored and erased. At IES, we ensure all of your data is being erased fully from your IT assets. Trained professionals strictly adhere to NIST standards drive erasure as they handle your assets, from the beginning of the process until the end.

Recycling of Assets

If you decide to recycle your hardware, you can save time by following industry standards and using R2 and RIOS Certified Recyclers. And if you use RIOS Certified Recyclers, like the ones who work with IES, you will be assured that your hardware is being recycled in the most cost effective and efficient manor.

Equipment Resale

Reselling equipment is never easy, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. IES has one of the largest resale channels in the United States, making it quick and easy to sell your old equipment.

IES prides itself on being able to secure top fair market value for your old assets, this along with the quick turnaround time allows companies like yours to use those funds to offset new project costs or use them as service credits with IES.

Secured Logistics Services

You may already have a collection of hardware that you have recently decommissioned and decided to recycle. But how how do you get it from point A to point B? At IES, we partner with top-tier, high-value electronic logistics companies to move assets securely and safely. Your hardware will be locked, sealed, and gps tracked. Our role ensures that someone is caring for your property from the beginning to end of the process.



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