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2020 Outlook of DCI

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Data Center Integration (DCI) at IES provides all Lifecycle Management solutions and Day 2 services for customers with on-prem, colocation, and edge data centers, POPs, facility telco, computer rooms, and any other spaces with similar hardware. Day 2 Services with DCI include transportation, SmartHands, RemoteHands, complete managed services, and ITAD. It’s a complete Lifecycle Management solution and Day 2 Support suite.

In 2020, the data center industry will continue to evolve as existing models are refined and adapted to customer needs. Hardware is what unites telco rooms, private, collocated, and hyper-scale data centers with the edge, cloud, and software-defined services. Each of these technologies and locations require a network infrastructure and the hardware that hosts it; even a software-defined network requires hardware to work from. The Cloud requires thousands of servers, switches, network devices, and storage and compute systems to operate. Edge computing routes millions of requests for data in seconds, all sent to, from, and through hardware.

Hardware doesn’t manage itself, and it’s not indestructible; who maintains and manages it all? Facilities use in-house IT, subcontractors, or a blend. Their work may include proactive and reactive maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting. In almost all approaches, companies have remote IT service desks that direct the work of onsite teams. Combined, these teams are ultimately responsible for the management of the hardware and software necessary for successful data management. They are trained in processes and procedures for specific hardware manufacturers, are qualified for specific protocols, and they are commission, decommission, and inventory experts.

Companies will employ the use of SmartHands, RemoteHands, and managed services teams. SmartHands and RemoteHands offer on-call support to customers, no matter how remote. These services are utilized in lights-out environments such as those found in edge data centers, POPs, and onsite telco rooms. For companies that require more proactive management of their environments, managed services teams provide scheduled, onsite support, whether weekdays-only, 24/7, or both. Service levels are derived from factors such as the workloads performed, their physical and data sensitivity, and the impact of prolonged downtimes.

With the rate of colocation and edge data centers being built, and the rapid reduction of private data centers, hardware is increasingly transported between sites. While new hardware is typically shipped directly from the vendor, data center consolidations and relocations are typically managed privately. Taking down and bringing up hardware carries significant risks due to the often-delicate nature of the hardware itself. Relocation of hardware from one facility to another means the transportation of millions of dollars of equipment with data of immeasurable value.

IES DCI team understands the intricacies of Lifecycle Management and Day 2 services. Whether it’s Operations Support, Asset Management, or Logistics, DCI has the expertise to manage it all.

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