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The Future Of Data Center Relocation and Consolidation

With the cost of real estate and energy on the rise, many companies are looking to shrink their overall data center footprint by consolidating that storage off-site and in the cloud.

Many companies are moving towards a cloud-based model which allows them to move large data centers into much smaller ones. Currently, over 60 percent of businesses are running and managing their onsite data centers, but with current trends, this number is projected to fall about one-third by 2021. With this new trend in motion, customers are consolidating hardware and shrinking the footprint of their data centers.

Without the proper strategic planning, the downsizing, consolidation, and relocation of data centers can be a very risky undertaking that poses many unknown customer data issues and financial risks. At IES we offer a full suite of IT Asset Disposal, Resale and Relocation Services.

Data Management and Scalability

Once the data center is offsite, companies can easily manage their data in a cost-effective manner. This is all possible due to our advanced Data Center Integration Services, where we work closely with our clients to ensure everything from site design and installation to ongoing data center support is as streamlined and as effective as possible. Once the data center has been established, we allow our clients to scale their data center as much or as little as they like.

Cost Savings

IES offers a wide-range of on-site services that allow businesses to lower their overall costs. By utilizing the latest NIST Standards IES is able to minimize customer risk and help offset costly relocation and decommissioning fees.


After 34 years of service, IES knows how important your data is. We put incredible emphasis on providing world-class support and assistance. To settle the unease that goes along with moving data offsite, IES offers an onsite technician 40 hours a week and 24-hour support service.

IES Communications is a nationwide provider of technology infrastructure services to large corporations and independent businesses. For more information about IES Communications, please visit

Contact: Gilbert Romo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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