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Journeyman Jobs in Washington

Journeyman jobs in Washington offer a pathway to a fulfilling career in an ever-evolving industry, providing not only competitive wages and job security but also the satisfaction of contributing significantly to community development and infrastructure. For those ready to harness their skills and passion within this dynamic environment, Journeyman Jobs in Washington represent more than just employment; they symbolize the chance to grow, innovate, and become integral members of a team dedicated to excellence in the telecommunications field.

Why a Job as a Journeyman in Washington is a great idea.

Embarking on a career as a journeyman in Washington presents a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a thriving industry, where the demand for skilled tradespeople is consistently high due to the state's robust construction and technology sectors. This path not only offers competitive wages and job security but also provides a sense of fulfillment from tangible achievements, contributing directly to the community's growth and infrastructure. Moreover, Washington's commitment to innovation and sustainability in building practices ensures that journeymen here are equipped with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, making them highly valued professionals in the field.

Why Work for IES communications in Washington?

Choosing to work for IES Communications in Washington means becoming part of a team that values growth, innovation, and commitment. Our dedication to providing top-notch services in telecommunications is matched by our investment in each employee's professional development, ensuring you have the resources and training to excel as a Journeyman. At IES, we understand the importance of a supportive work environment that fosters collaboration and learning, making it an ideal place for those who are passionate about making a difference in the industry and the communities we serve. By joining us, you're not just starting a job; you're embarking on a career path filled with opportunities to grow, innovate, and contribute to shaping the future of telecommunications.

Company Benefits

Competitive Wages

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

401(k) Plan

Short Term Disability

Compensated Industry Certifications

Optional long-term disability

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Illness, accident, legal, pet coverage.

Company paid life insurnace

Paid training & defined career path

In a Meeting

What will you do as a Journeyman at one of IES Communications' Washington Branches?

At our Washington branches, our dedicated journeyman electricians play a crucial role in the heart of IES, skillfully installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems with an unwavering commitment to safety and code compliance. They're not just technical experts; they're problem solvers who diagnose issues with precision, guide and train their colleagues, and ensure every project from blueprint to final inspection meets our high standards. Their hands-on work—from intricate wiring connections to heavy physical tasks—keeps homes, businesses, and communities powered safely and efficiently, embodying our promise of reliability and excellence across Washington state.


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What is the average salary of a Journeyman in Washington?

The average salary for a Journeyman in Washington is approximately $58,000 per year. This figure can vary based on experience, specific trade, and location within the state.

How do I become a Journeyman in Washington?

To become a journeyman in Washington, you first need to complete an apprenticeship program that is recognized by the state. This involves both classroom learning and hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced professionals. After successfully completing your apprenticeship, you must pass the state's journeyman licensing exam to officially earn your title and begin working independently in your trade.

How long does it take to become a Journeyman in WA?

Becoming a journeyman in Washington typically requires completing a 4-year apprenticeship program, which consists of about 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and additional classroom instruction.

Is being a Journeyman in Washington a good job?

Being a journeyman in Washington can be considered a good job due to competitive wages, strong demand for skilled tradespeople, and comprehensive benefits. The state's robust construction and maintenance sectors offer stable employment opportunities, making it an attractive option for those pursuing a career in the trades.

How much does a Journeyman in WA make?

A Journeyman in WA typically makes between per hour, and per year depending on their experience and qualifications.

Is there a demand for Journeymans in Washington?

Yes, there's a significant demand for journeymen in Washington. The construction boom, ongoing infrastructure projects, and the need for skilled tradespeople in sectors like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contribute to this high demand. As the state continues to grow, so does the need for experienced journeymen to support its development.

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