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Technical Writer Jobs in Washington DC

Technical Writer Jobs in Washington DC offer a unique and rewarding opportunity for professionals looking to make their mark in the telecommunications field. By stepping into this role, you're not just joining any team; you're becoming part of a community that values innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. In Washington DC, Technical Writers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between complex technical information and clear, accessible documentation, crucial for both our team's success and our clients' satisfaction. This position not only promises professional growth through exposure to state-of-the-art technologies but also personal fulfillment as you contribute to projects that have a tangible impact on the communities we serve.

Why a Job as a Technical Writer in Washington DC is a great idea.

Landing a job as a Technical Writer in Washington, DC, is an exceptional career move. The city's vibrant tech scene and the presence of numerous government agencies create a high demand for skilled professionals who can distill complex information into clear, user-friendly documentation. This environment not only offers stability but also exposes you to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, enhancing your skill set. Moreover, transitioning or paralleling this role with that of a Copywriter opens up diverse opportunities, allowing you to flex your creative muscles and diversify your portfolio. In essence, embracing such a position in DC sets the stage for both professional growth and personal satisfaction.

Why Work for IES communications in Washington DC?

At IES Communications in Washington DC, you'll be joining a forward-thinking team that values the rich history and expertise of its founding companies to deliver premier electrical and communications services nationwide. Our commitment to personal and professional growth provides a nurturing environment where your talents can flourish, supported by comprehensive training and cutting-edge technology. As part of our dedicated workforce, you'll contribute to our vision of leading the telecommunications industry into the future, making a meaningful difference for our customers and communities while building a fulfilling career.

Company Benefits

Competitive Wages

Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

401(k) Plan

Short Term Disability

Compensated Industry Certifications

Optional long-term disability

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Illness, accident, legal, pet coverage.

Company paid life insurnace

Paid training & defined career path

In a Meeting

What will you do as a Technical Writer at one of IES Communications' Washington DC Branches?

At our Washington DC branches, we're proud to have a team of dedicated Technical Writers who are at the heart of our documentation projects. These professionals kick off their tasks with detailed planning, working closely with Process Managers to outline authoring, review, and release phases alongside creating comprehensive documentation plans. They dive deep into gathering crucial information by collaborating with process development teams and subject matter experts, ensuring that every piece of technical document they develop or revise is not only accurate but also meets our high standards of quality within set timelines. Our Technical Writers are adept at designing, developing, testing, and maintaining documentation, all while adhering to our corporate guidelines, documentation standards, and templates. Their role extends beyond creation; they actively engage with process development teams for content creation, review, approval, and publishing processes, offering guidance and direction whenever necessary. Effective communication with both process teams and designated department personnel is key to their success in developing and publishing top-notch documentation. Moreover, they play a crucial role in monitoring and evaluating the impact of published documentation and are instrumental in enhancing our existing documentation practices.


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What is the average salary of a Technical Writer in Washington DC?

The average salary for a Technical Writer in Washington, D.C., is approximately $71,000 per year. This figure can vary based on experience, specific industry, and level of expertise.

How do I become a Copywriter in Washington DC?

To become a copywriter in Washington DC, start by honing your writing skills through courses or self-study, focusing on marketing and SEO principles. Building a strong portfolio showcasing your best work is crucial; include various formats such as blogs, ads, and social media content to demonstrate versatility. Networking plays a key role, so engage with local professionals and organizations in the DC area to gain insights and potential job leads. Finally, gaining experience through internships or freelance projects can provide practical knowledge and enhance your resume, making you a more attractive candidate for agencies and companies in the region.

How long does it take to become a Technical Writer in DC?

Becoming a technical writer in Washington, DC typically requires a combination of education and experience. Most aspiring technical writers start with a bachelor's degree in English, communication, or a related field, which takes about four years. After that, gaining relevant experience through internships or entry-level positions is crucial. For most, it can take an additional 1-2 years to build the necessary expertise and portfolio to secure a technical writing position. So, in total, expect it to take around 5-6 years to become a technical writer in DC.

Is being a Copywriter in Washington DC a good job?

Absolutely, being a copywriter in Washington DC can be a rewarding career choice. The city's vibrant mix of industries, including politics, non-profits, and tech startups, offers diverse opportunities for creative professionals to thrive. With its dynamic environment, there's always a demand for skilled writers who can craft compelling messages across various platforms. Plus, networking events and professional communities in DC provide valuable connections and growth prospects.

How much does a Copywriter in DC make?

A Technical Writer in DC typically makes between per hour, and per year depending on their experience and qualifications.

Is there a demand for Technical Writers in Washington DC?

Yes, there is a significant demand for technical writers in Washington DC. This need stems from the city's dense concentration of government agencies, tech companies, and consulting firms that require clear, precise documentation for policies, procedures, and products.

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