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Safety is always the top priority at IES!

Our safety goal is simple: no injuries, no time lost.

IES recognizes that project productivity is directly correlated to safety performance. One accident or injury can cause schedule delays, cost increases and missed deadlines. More importantly, injuries to precious human assets are not acceptable to IES, their families or to our customers. As part of the program, IES employees go through extensive safety training before starting work, along with project-specific orientation at the job site.

  • IES employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority, to take action when safety is a concern.
  • Meticulous screening and onboarding of employees.
  • An institutionalized and continuous training program.
  • Rigorous ongoing safety programs and safety updates on every project.
  • Every aspect of our safety program is well measured. 

Our employees go home to their families safely at the end of each day. That is the most important factor to us. Safety is a fundamental value that is integrated into our culture – it is essential to our operational excellence.

Our Safety Manual Includes:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Safety Expectations
  • Communications & Reporting
  • Incident Reports

All safety information below refers to IES Holdings, Inc. enterprise-wide.



All safety information below refers to IES Communications Division.

EMR Rate: 0.64


EMR Rate: 0.64

TRIR: 0.96


TRIR: 0.27

LTIR: 0.09


LTIR: 0.00

DART: 0.66


DART: 0.00

 (2017 Calendar Year OSHA Reports)

Industry Recognition 

  • ABC  (ABC National Safety Excellence Award Independent Electrical Contractors)
  • ABC (ABC Platinum Level Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Award)
  • CURT (CURT Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award)
  • GREAT PLAINS (Great Plains Safety And Health Contractor Vanguard of Honor)
  • GTBR (Golden Triangle Business Roundtable Award)
  • IEC  (IEC National Safety Excellence Award)
  • IEC- CNA (Safety Award)