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Where is the Information in the Cloud Really Stored?

The internet has grown and become indispensable to us. Just about everyone has a smartphone in the palm of their hand. That small, but powerful device, connects us to all the information on the internet that’s stored somewhere in “the cloud.” How does all that information fit in “the cloud” and where is it really?

Living in a Digital Revolution

Every aspect of our lives is being transformed with digital technology. From monitoring your checking account balance via a mobile app to checking your heart erythema via a digital monitor attached to your phone. Digital technology is changing how we manage our lives. And the funny thing is all this technology is only the beginning. It’s just in its infancy.

Data Storage Reliability and Security

This amazing thing called “the cloud” at our fingertips that has to be on 24/7/365 days per year. Of course, all that data needs to be securely stored in data centers around the world, right?

Connecting the Data Centers

To access all this information, we have to be able to connect to it. That’s where solution providers like IES Communications come into play. They build out data centers, run the fiber optic and copper cabling that connects those data centers together and keeps us connected with the world. It’s a pretty awesome responsibility.

Matt Simmes, President, IES Communications says, “There’s millions and millions of miles of fiber optics infrastructure supporting all the data traffic across the U.S. and the world. Someone has to manage that infrastructure for that data to flow correctly.”

IES Communications, who has been around for over three decades, has built some of the largest and most sophisticated data centers in the U.S. This technology is helping change everything from farming to traffic planning. No matter what device you use to connect to the internet, chances are IES was behind the scenes to connect it.

Gilbert Romo, VP Sales & Marketing, IES Communications says, “The infrastructure of the data center is most important as all these computers need to call to each other. And they are connected to each other through Fiber Optics and copper cabling. That’s the infrastructure IES builds in these data centers.”

Constant Training

Of course, technology is a critical part of all of this, but so it constant training. Shelly Olmstead, Directory of Quality & Development, IES Communications says, “For us, it’s mission critical. We provide on-the-job, classroom, and e-learning courses people can take to stay current. Technology is changing all the time and we stay current with it.” Since everything seems to be turning into data these days, it’s imperative we have the technology and knowledge to keep pace with it.

When you place your trust in IES Communications, you can rest assured they are on top of the trending technologies.

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