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Services Spotlight: PoE Lighting

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Smart devices, smart cars, smart grids and smart cities. More and more connections are being made to enhance every aspect of our lives and buildings are no different. “Smart buildings” describes the use of smart devices to manage day-to-day operations of facilities. Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is the core of the smart building revolution.

LED lighting powered by PoE will be one of the most meaningful developments in our indoor environments over the coming years. These enhancements greatly contribute to overall effectiveness and efficiency that directly impact the performance of next-generation digital buildings.

Benefits include:

  • Powers devices on the same network used for data communications

  • Easier installation

  • Cost effective installation

  • Easier network management

  • Uses smart power technologies

  • Uses DC power

  • Higher reliability

  • Higher power transfer efficiency

  • Ability to perform power/energy management

The PoE technology safely allows electrical power and data to transmit simultaneously on a single twisted-pair cable. IES Communications can assist in the design and installation process to capture analytics, optimize space utilization, and control all aspects of an entire facility over a single networked system.

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