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Services Spotlight: Audio Visual

IES Communications, LLC provides important ingredients that make the modern workplace productive. Imagine work without a computer! Workplace computers operate on a network, and IES Communications’ Structured Cabling teams build those networks daily. IES Communications’ Security group provides access solutions, locks, surveillance solutions, and other services to keep the workplace safe and secure. IES Communications’ Audio-Visual teams enable communication and collaboration by conveying information to people in government, at work, at school, while traveling and in the entertainment setting.

In government settings, board members and council members use microphones to hear each other, record their meetings and broadcast meetings to the public. They use video screens to display voting results and additional information. At work, videowalls can direct visitors or display information for employees, while meeting rooms use microphones, speakers, projectors, and flat screens to share work product and help collaboration both within the room and remotely to people in other locations. Sound masking enables open office environments to increase privacy and limit voice pollution.

Most classrooms today employ a video projector and sound system to transmit course content to students. Airports now use flat-screen displays called (Flight Information Display Systems) to show flight departure and arrival times, and we all board airplanes by listening to instructions through a PAS or Public Address System (microphone and speakers). If you are at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Terminal 3, for example, anything that you hear over loudspeakers is through an IES installed PAS AV system.

Our services include:

• Conferencing Systems

• Digital Signage

• Background Music | Paging Systems

• Auditoriums | Boardrooms

• Control Systems | Touch Panels

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