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Old Hardware? How to Save Money on Maintenance Contracts

Looking for creative ways to extend the lifespan of your legacy hardware? If you haven’t considered switching from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance contracts to Third Party Maintenance (TPM) solutions, you may be missing a valuable opportunity.

Here’s why you should consider switching to a TPM model for maintaining hardware nearing end of life:

Budget Friendly

At IES, we’ve seen upwards of a 50% reduction in hardware maintenance costs by switching away from OEM parts support. Transfering your warranty services to a 3rd party contract will reduce operating expenses and can free up needed capital to reinvest in new equipment.

Legacy and End of Life (EOL) gear is no problem. With over $100 million worth of parts inventory, we can replace parts on older machines without worry. IES will stock necessary parts at forward stocking locations near your facility to ensure that we are able to meet your required SLA.

Maintain to Migrate

Planning to replace your equipment or migrate to the cloud in several months? Then you also need to plan to keep your current assets healthy until you migrate off of them. We will maintain that gear on a support contract that fits your schedule and budget. Our customized support solutions are not one-size-fits-all. At IES, we work with you to understand your unique business needs and deliver solutions that make sense for you. More support options are offered through TPM support. While OEMs offer a one-year contract, we offer month-to-month contracts that work with your schedule.


With OEM support you are limited to the length of maintenance contracts. As you buy new equipment, the support contract dates start and stop on the date that device went into service. With TPM, you can have all of your contracts end at the same time, even if they start at different times. When the contracts then renew, all contracts will be on the same expiration cycle. When you have a collection of aging hardware and each OEM contract is set to expire at different times, we can create a custom schedule that automatically takes over support for your legacy/EOL hardware.



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