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Support when you need it. It’s that simple.

Support when you need it. It’s that simple.

August 21, 2020

IES Communications values a reliable and uninterrupted network by providing local, regional, and national 24/7 support 365 days a year for your MAC, data center, troubleshooting, and maintenance services when you need it, where you need it.

Each year, IES Communications completes 12,000 – 15,000 service-related calls. 2020 is no different, with around 15,000 completed requests in the first six months.

What truly matters is your ability to offer uninterrupted 24/7 service and support to your customers. Each case is managed by one of our support professionals who are trained in troubleshooting, diagnostics, and service delivery. IES Communications can ensure high-quality service performance that accurately represents a customer’s brand. Take it from our National Services Manager, Brandon Lee, “IES is committed to providing the best quality projects with the best customer service at a cost-effective rate.”


As you are aware, problems arise with technology at any given time. Our national service program guarantees success by placing the right resources in the right place at the right time for your mission-critical projects, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

Problem: The customer was implementing a complex project with many challenges. During this process, fiber was run, and connections were made at three different buildings on campus to integrate an integral part of the customer's fire alarm system. The customer’s vendor determined fiber issues were the reason they could not get their system to work.

Solution: The customer called IES after hours. IES assisted with the troubleshooting. Not only did IES identify a cross-connection issue, but IES educated the customer and the vendor on best practices in troubleshooting and fiber handling. The call to IES, saved time, effort, and money, resulting in a happy customer.

Problem: The customer's corporate headquarters, located out of the country, purchased highly technical thermal cameras in response to COVID-19 to be installed and integrated with the preexisting access control systems. The cameras were distributed to all U.S. production sites with seemingly little direction other than to have them installed at the close of business.

Solution: The customer called IES. IES requested that the customer's camera equipment be immediately shipped overnight to the IES Portland Branch Service Team for evaluations and bench testing. In the meantime, IES contacted the abroad manufacturer and presented a proposed building ingress design drafted and developed in-house and mocked up in real-time operation. The design would enable the cameras to take the thermal temperature reading of personnel. With the use of relays, it would now allow access to cardholders with a "green light temperature pass” to enter the building. An alarm, however, would shunt the access control system for this specific entry door. It would trigger a beacon over top of the local "next steps signage,” and the access control system would send an email alerting to mobilize the entry point for assistance. “We knew that IES would pull this off. IES deployed to the site and had the entire solution operational in less than four hours. The whole process took 48 hours with no valuable protection time lost,” stated the customer.

· Accessibility. IES’s call routing procedure includes immediate response/emergency service.

· Capability. IES’s National Support Team is responsive and well suited to perform your quick turn emergency projects and service work. Additionally, we have an excellent management team that thrives on building crews quickly in remote locations and executing large scale national rollouts in very tight timeframes.

· Flexibility. IES provides flexible and customized site support plans that meet your needs at each site.

· Customizability. IES creates your customized SLA that works for your needs and your budget. This includes SLA’s for work acknowledgment, technician appointments, completion standards, and any documentation that you may require.

· Quality. IES is committed to excellence, and we have an entire internal team of employees dedicated to making sure every job meets or exceeds your standards. From our design to our installations, we pay attention to every detail to ensure your vision is carried out.

· Training. IES’s commitment to developing our employees leads to excellence in delivery and quality. This is why IES considers training a core pillar of our company. The results are evident in everything we do.

· Safety. IES recognizes that project productivity is directly related to safety performance. Safe work practices are vital, and injuries are not acceptable to IES, their families, or to you. Safety is a fundamental value that is integrated into our culture – it is essential to our operational excellence.

It’s that simple.

IES Communications experienced and dedicated national service team is available to you during all business hours and after-hours via e-mail, cell phone, and/or interface with your internal ticketing system.

Want to learn more for yourself how IES is the right team to get the job done? Contact us today.



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