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AIDS LifeCycle 2018: Recap

AIDS LifeCycle 2018: Recap

On June 3rd, four IES Communications employees embarked on a seven-day bike fundraiser called AIDS/LifeCycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The riders are Gilbert Romo, Tyler Larkey, Brad Sandman and Russell Olmstead.

A seven-day-long bike ride comes with a host of challenges, each rider having to deal with their own mental and physical obstacles.

“The ride is meant to challenge each person past their physical and mental limits,” said rider Gilbert Romo. “As it doesn’t come close to the challenges that people with AIDS and HIV deal with daily.” The Hills Angels Team consisted of 16 teammates from Arizona and California that was led by Tyler Larkey. The team rode each day in different groups but messaged each other all day.  Once the day was over, the team would get together to discuss any challenges that occurred and share stories of their ride with one another.

IES donated $1,250 for each of its riders, as well as cycling jerseys and shorts for the riders to wear. Pictured below:

Aside from the IES jerseys, the team also wore jerseys supporting the One-N-Ten Center from Phoenix, Arizona. The resource center for LGBTQ youth and young adults was tragically damaged by arson last year. The team wore the jerseys during the ride as a show of unity solidarity, and to raise awareness for the center and its mission.

Gilbert and the team have raised over $145,000 for this event, making it another very successful ride.

“The work of fundraising never takes a break,” said Gilbert. “I talked to everyone I know and discussed my goals with vendors and customers,  and I was able to raise $54,000 which was 3rd overall and the top fundraiser outside of California. I am blessed to have such amazing support.”



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