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Data Center Jobs

Operations Support

The DCS Operations Support team has multiple years of experience working in support roles within colocation, enterprise, and hyperscale data center environments and expertise in vendor dispatch technician roles dispatched to service server, network, and storage equipment. A complete suite of services for high-tech organizations and their facilities. 

SmartHands, Remote Hands, and Managed Services

Proactive Operations Support
Proactive Operations Support
  • Tier 1 basic through SysAdmin to the OS layer

  • 24/7 service desk

  • Ticket response

  • Hardware installation & configuration

  • Infrastructure cable management, testing & troubleshooting

  • In-rack and intra-rack cable management

  • Environment mapping

  • Inventory management

  • Shipping logistics

  • Vendor escorts

Customizable Support Plans
Customizable Support Plans
  • 24/7 onsite

  • Business hours onsite

  • 24/7 response only

Reporting and Process Documentation
Reporting & Process Documentation
  • Support run-book

  • Intra-company process documentation

  • Audit assistance

  • KPI reporting

SmartHands Support
SmartHands Support
  • Tech 1 and Tech 2 basic support

  • System Administrators (SysAdmin)

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