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Data Center Jobs

Network Architecture and Design

Many organizations simply do not realize the effect that disparate technologies and an outdated network can have on daily operations. With IES’s Data Center Services, we evaluate the current environment and learn about your desired business outcomes. Upon gaining a deep understanding of your stated goals, IES will help design a full Network Architecture that enhances your current and leading-edge processes while aligning with industry-standard best practices. From consulting on the architecture and design to product procurement, implementation, and knowledge transfer, IES offers a comprehensive solution to assist you throughout the entire process.

Network Design and Development Services

Detailed Solution Design Documentation
Detailed Solution Design Documentation
  • Detailed IP address schema and mapping

  • IP routing

  • MDF/IDF build specs

  • Network Edge connectivity and security design

  • Layer 1 services architecture and design

  • Wireless surveys (predictive heatmaps)

Specification Documentation
  • Core LAN (IDF/MDF and Field IT Infrastructure)

  • Access Layer and edge network services (OT/lloT)

  • Wireless connectivity

By leveraging IES’s vast expertise, you can focus your efforts on building your business while allowing us to ensure that the network that powers your business runs smoothly.

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