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data center jobs

Data Migration

Migration Examples

  • VMware data migrations with storage vMotion

  • Linux data migrations with LVM

  • Solaris data migrations with ZFS

  • AIX, HP-UX data migrations with LVM

  • Oracle ASM

  • Integration with HDS storage services (True Copy, Shadow Image) using scripting

Data Backup

Data Backup Implementations

  • NetBackup

  • Veeam

  • CommVault

Data Center Virtualization
Data Center SAN



  • Physical-to-virtual (P2V) Migrations

  • vSphere

  • Hyper-V

  • Oracle

  • Open Stack

  • Docker Containers

  • Traditional FC Brocade/CISCO SAN
    designs and implementation.

  • iSCSI design/implementations

  • SAN migrations (Brocade to CISCO, CISCO
    to Brocade etc.)

Data Cloud Services

Cloud Services

  • Integration with AWS, Azure, Google, etc.

  • Hybrid cloud solutions

  • Cloud migrations

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