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Industrial Semiconductor Facility

Ranked Largest Semi-Conductor Project in the World for 2012-2013
Client Industrial Semiconductor Facility

Project Detail

  • Full 3D BIM coordination reviewed 100 percent of system devices
  • More than 7,500 fire alarm monitoring points
  • Addressable Class “A” System, 100 precent raceway
  • Complete commissioning of all 7,500 points
  • Complete “FireWorks” graphic annunciator by EST-3
  • 246 VESDA laser plus units
  • 50,000+ feet of VESDA/EWSD sample pipe
  • Performance spec system
  • LLD install and interface with fire alarm system
  • Contractor-driven QA/QC program
  • Fire alarm drawing package was more than 250 pages at completion of project
  • Project duration was 12 months, start to finish
  • Crews worked double shifts, on a 60/60/50 workweek schedule
  • Zero (0) safety incidents or infractions