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Audio Visual for Library

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Client Library
Location VA

Project Detail

IES Communications was engaged to integrate the audio visual systems.  Upon evaluation of the original specification, concerns quickly mounted that recent technological advances exposed limitations of the overall solution.  These concerns included present-day performance and flexibility, as well as future scalability.

To accommodate more flexibility, IES Communications recommended switching to a Dante network, with Dante-enabled Symetrix SymNet EDGE gear to handle multichannel digital signal processing network-wide.

In conjunction with the Symetrix EDGE gear, Dante enabled us to tie everything together and create one big loop for signal transport. The network was configured with plenty of horsepower to extend audio transport to the furthest reaches of the building. The simplicity of the architecture allowed us to centralize all of the audio and video into a single rack, and then extend the reach to remote areas without struggle.

On the video side, one key upgrade was switching from a DVI only video transport solution to a more comprehensive Crestron Digital Media solution. The Crestron solution had the dual-benefit of incorporating higher quality HDMI transport while supporting a hybrid architecture of both analog and digital technologies. The transition to HDMI also simplified cabling on the video transport side, switching to a single-cable structure as opposed to the dual-cable configurations required for the DVI transport architecture.