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Smart Hands | Healthy Hands

During this time of uncertainty, and considering the travel constraints put in place by many organizations around the world due to the Coronavirus, IES is opening up our Emergency Smart Hands support resources to anyone in need of remote assistance in their data centers or critical infrastructure facilities. We are temporarily offering this service without the need to sign a termed support contract.

Technicians will be dispatched as available with our contracted customers receiving priority service to meet their required SLA’s.

Our Data Center Integration team understands the risks involved with having to perform onsite services; however, we also understand that connectivity to data is part of the world’s critical infrastructure. We are proud to play a role in maintaining the data centers that keep the world informed and operational. With that said, our current policy for onsite technicians is:

1. Only critical operations personnel will be permitted to work within a customer data center environment. All non-critical business has been put on hold until further notice.

2. All technical personnel must follow the “Do The Five” safety procedures.

3. Technical personnel must leave the facility immediately after their work is completed.

4. No more than ten people (including non-IES personnel) can be assigned to one area for a single project or incident.

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