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Critical Facility Assessments

What affects your facility is unique and distinctive to your operations. Because natural and man-made vulnerabilities influence risk, unanticipated consequences should be addressed proactively. IES also specializes in reactive forensic assessments and analysis to discover and understand system failures that threaten the availability and reliability of your critical systems and facilities. We work with thousands of data centers and critical facilities around the globe, performing numerous engagements for valued customers, leading computer hardware manufacturers, and support organizations.

Data Centers & Critical Facility Assessments

The IES critical facility assessments are comprehensive environmental evaluations explicitly designed for computer facilities, concentrating on factors that affect hardware reliability and system availability. These services focus on actual room conditions at the time of the assessment and the facility's ability to provide stable and appropriate conditions that consistently meet the specific requirements of the hardware. They provide useful baselines of conditions and identify actual problems and potential susceptibilities that could impact hardware operations. The final deliverable provides multiple levels of summary data, allowing for executive-level briefing, management oversight, and solution provider detail. In addition, data is included regarding local and site-specific concerns and targeted upgrade responses.

Forensic Hardware analysis
  • Proactive baseline health check audits

  • Reactive forensic hardware failure analysis

  • Power space and cooling baseline planning assessments

Basis of Design Assessments
  • Basis of Design Assessments (BOD)

  • Zinc Whisker identification

  • Creep corrosion analysis

  • Federal Government DCOI

Facility Evaluation
  • TIA-942 facility evaluation

  • Framework evaluation for multi-site comparisons

  • Contamination and corrosivity identification

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